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Videos That Help You Find and

Tell Your Great Story



Videos That Help You Find and

Tell Your Great Story

Much love

An intense, touching, and reflective mini-documentary we created with Detroit Lives that has been viewed all over the world. This piece helped United Way to have their 2 biggest campaign giving seasons of all time and forever altered the way we view their work in the city of Detroit.

We are storytellers.

People come to us because they’re ready for something greater, to have greater impact, to be of greater service, and they recognize the need for a support system to help them do that. We help you find depths to your organization that you didn’t know were there.

Why our CEO Matt thinks you should share the stories within your organization. Hint, you're beautiful and the world needs more of you in it.


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Connect with potential customers

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Become a marketing master

We’ll provide the processes and resources, you provide the inspiration!

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Services Offered

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Storytelling Strategy

Using the stories that exist within your organization, we create a strategy that begins to help you find and share your great stories in a way that’s impactful and meaningful. Our strategy puts your customers into the center of your company’s story in a way that allows them to see the how working with you will change their lives for the better.

competitive research - brand tone & voice - content development

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Your company’s reputation is a result of the stories being told about it. Understanding your story and sharing that with the right people is the best way to position you properly in the minds of your internal and external clients. Through audience personas, journey mapping, and telling stories, we help you position your company for success.

audience research - journey mapping

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Full Service Storytelling

Using proven storytelling strategies, we can help you create amazing content that will move your audience to action. Included: Ideation, storyboarding, video production, photography, animation, music, & post production services.

messaging - - video - photography - blogs


From Our Clients


“The work we did with Final5 changed the trajectory of our organization in very powerful ways”

- Mike Brennan, CEO of the United Way of Southeast Michigan


“I was looking for a culture change. We needed to reset, rethink and go in a different direction with our marketing and no one in our organization knew how to do it. Final5 set us off on the successful path.”

- Melanie Piana, Deputy Director JEI


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