I like harmony. I don’t like to fight with others, and I generally like it when everyone gets along. But I wanted that house. 
Allison was a year old and Katie was pregnant with John. We were moving from Detroit to Royal Oak and the house was right down the street from two of our closest friends. It needed a bunch of work, but what house have I ever bought that doesn’t? When we lost it because we couldn’t get a conventional loan, I was angry. And our mortgage lender was to blame. He should have been prepared for that, and we could have had options. As it stood, the bank was placing the foreclosure back on the market and were accepting only cash offers. I had been using, let’s call him “Brian” as a lender for years and he had helped me buy two previous houses. I was never crazy about him as a person, but I went to him because I was always buying renovations that needed a ton of work, and he always got me a loan. He was kind of slick and aggressive, and just not one of my favorite people overall, but I dealt because he was good at his job.
Not this time, and I let him know it. 
“What do you mean we can’t get a conventional loan? Why didn’t you bring that up a month ago when this process started?! You didn’t see the house?!
He never returned my phone call when I told him we were moving on to another mortgage lender because of the way the previous transaction went down. We had done a lot of business together and it was over just like that.
I was really surprised when we ended up at the same wedding 2 years later. Chris and I have been friends for years now, so when we were invited to his wedding, we knew it would be a good time; they throw pretty awesome parties. Katie and I were relaxing on the patio next to the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market having a drink and enjoying some appetizers. The sun was out, my wife was beautiful, I looked like a million bucks, and there was a band playing in the corner. It was starting out to be a pretty great night. That’s when I glanced up and saw Brian. He looked away quickly, as though he weren’t eyeballing me from across the way. I mentioned to Katie that he was here, and knew that we would end up talking to him. I’m generally not the type of person to sweep things under the rug, and I wanted to get this out on the table. I was wondering how that would go down when I noticed we were in line next to each other at the bar. He acted surprised when I said “hey Brian, how’s it going?” “Dibbs! Good to see you! This is so and so, my girlfriend” (to her) “Dibbs is a friend of mine, and a client.”
We talked to each other for a bit and then we went back to our table. Of course he would wind up sitting right behind us at dinner.
After we were done eating, we walked over and spent some time talking and hashing through what had happened. “We cool, Dibbs?” My response was “I’m cool, are you cool?” He said yes, and we had some nice conversation after that. So much has changed in each of our worlds since we had last seen each other. It feels good moving forward without disliking one more person in the world. He and his new girlfriend were “excited to hang out with us on the dance floor.” I mean, I wasn’t lying when I said I was cool with him, but I wasn’t “hang out on the dance floor” cool with him. We ghosted before they had the chance to corner us on the floor.