I wrote and released one story every day for 30 days.

“Dibs, loving these Medium posts, keep writing and sharing!”
“Been following along with your writing, loving it.”
“Thanks for sharing, Matt. Excited to read tomorrow’s story!”

Many of us are dealing with similar outside forces and many of us have similar backgrounds, so it would make sense that our internal responses to the types of stories I share, whether it’s pressure and stress or about kids, would be similar. For me, the exercise of writing more was not only a different kind of participation on social media, but it was a much more active version of involvement. It verifies the things I’ve thought for quite some time, when one allows themselves to be seen consistently and authentically, people respond. It’s a simple concept to understand, but putting it into practice takes discipline, and as I write consistently and as honestly as possible, people are able to connect with that. Not all people, to some people my writing has minimal effect and doesn’t connect, I can’t worry about those people. What I can do is attempt to be honest and open, and hope that attracts the right type of people to me.

Writing and releasing hundreds of words per day is a real challenge. It’s not that I don’t want to continue writing, I’ve gotten so much out of these last 30 days. It’s been an amazing journey of forcing myself into discomfort and allowing myself to be seen. But I’m no longer going to be posting every day. Posting once a day means that I’m putting things out that feel unfinished and not properly edited. And that’s been part of the beauty of a 30 day challenge like this, is forcing to just let go of what I think of it, and release it into the world. But I’m going to evolve that into something a bit more polished.

Author Julia Cameron says ““Writing for the sake of writing, writing that draws its credibility from its very existence, is a foreign idea to most Americans. As a culture, we want cash on the barrel head. We want writing to earn dollars and sense so that it makes sense to us.” I didn’t realize I would so much enjoy writing simply for the sake of writing. Each step of the way, I worked to create something that I wanted to create, and that gave satisfaction. Throughout this process, I worked through some problems, noticed others, and still dug deeper into others, as this complex world is known to provide. The process of writing every day has unlocked a feeling of accomplishment that has been saved for such things as finishing a workout. It’s that “no matter what else happened today, I wrote, and of that I’m proud” feeling.

Thoughtfully I am in a much different place than the last time I wrote for any extended period of time, and I’m understanding my own growth through the words that I write. I can more clearly see where my talents lie in this area, and where I could improve. I see people with a penchant for word choice and sentence structure in a whole new light. That shit is hard.

The writing has been great, but so has the idea of doing something new, continuously, for 30 straight days. It hasn’t been easy, but here we are. And now I’m going to take the rest of the week off and check back in next Monday. Peace y’all.