“30 days of story,” she said. “It’ll be fun,” she said. Well ya know what, Ashley?! Sometimes it’s not fun. Sometimes work feels like work.

I joke about that interaction with my coach, Ashley, who suggested I dive into this project, But in truth I was totally up for it at the beginning, “that sounds awesome, I’m in.” But right now, it feels like work. It’s 8:45pm on a Sunday night, and this is the latest I’ve let one of these drag since I began this experiment 13 days ago. For the most part, it’s been fun, writing a new story every day. I’ve been enjoying getting my thoughts out and better understanding what it’s like to write on a schedule. On those days, it’s easy to sit down and knock out something of interest or something that’s on my mind.

But the tough days… we’ll, they’re tough (pulitzer winning material right there). It’s a challenge to even come up with an idea, and that’s the situation I find myself in tonight, what the hell do I write about? Well, if I’ve learned one thing from Adaptation, it’s that there no better conflict to write about than the one you’re in.

I can literally feel how easy it would have been to say “I’m not doing it tonight, I’ll double up tomorrow.” But I constantly find, in life, that if something feels both important and hard then that’s the magic knocking and you’d better open up.

Too many times the difficult things sit on my to do list and get pushed out, day after day. It’s not always, but often times those are the things I don’t want to do and don’t feel are important. I need to start a “feels tough, feels important” list and make sure those things don’t slip.

Anyhow… Nothing slipped tonight. For that, I’m proud.