“It feels like I have to move a glacier 100 miles and I can only push it 1/4 inch per day.” 6 months before I said this I had decided to shift the intent of Final 5’s work from video production to story telling. And believe me when I say that 3 years ago, NO ONE knew what I was talking about. “Stories? I don’t get it…”
It was lonely, and I was struggling. I opened up to my friend and mentor, Tom Brennan, who asked me the question, “have you ever read Dr King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail?” He didn’t say anything else, but I immediately bought it and read through it in a day. It’s so incredibly inspiring. It was written as a response to to a public statement issued by eight white religious leaders of the South who felt King’s acts were untimely. Imprisoned for his beliefs, friends and allies turning their backs, and King has the strength, courage, and conviction to pen one of the greatest examples of the human spirit ever written, from a jail cell in the deep south.
The book completely shifted my thinking and I turned it into a battle cry, “it’s my job to move the story glacier 100 miles, and I’m doing 1/4 inch per day.” On his birthday, I’m grateful for his leadership and fearlessness in the face of what must have felt like certain failure.