Storytelling Methods for a Modern World

Hat tip to Michael Margolis of Get Storied for introducing us to this concept and helping us clarify it. Validating your Audience allows people a way into your stories. It is a big statement that many people consider a universal truth. It allows your audience to immediately enter your world and create context very quickly.

Your Why

This is your big vision statement — the 20,000 ft view that describes why you do the work that you do. It is full of meaning and purpose.

The World is Shaped by Campfire Stories.

What do you mean?

In a world where we have constant connectivity and 24 hour news cycles, we’re struggling for real, human connection. <- Validating statement. This then allows us to explain to people about the importance of Campfire Stories and how it’s one of the very few times, in our over connected world, when we can take a break and reconnect with our tribe and our values.


01. To whom are you talking?

02. What are some very pressing issues in our society that person accepts as true? (you may have to do some leg work to find people who fit your audience and interview them).

ex: For the CEO of a company, this might be the attraction and retention of good talent.

03. What is the challenge?

ex: There are many companies out there competing for a small pool of talent.

03. How does your story address it?

ex: Stories help you find and communicate your vision and values so mission driven people can identify with it.

VALIDATING STATEMENT: We live in a world where more than ever, companies are struggling to find and keep great talent.