Being a small business owner has its disadvantages. There’s the stress of carrying the financial load for the company, the ultimate responsibility, and of course the work day never really ends. But it also has many advantages, the largest being that I get to create my own schedule. I have 2 kids under the age of 4 and being able to be present in their lives is so awesome. I’m home every day (well, most every day) in time for dinner, and I spend time before and after playing with them and getting to know them better. And it’s not just after work, certainly there are mornings where I am out the door before they’re really awake, but usually a couple times a week I’m able to help get their breakfast and get them dressed. It’s awesome.

But like so many other things, it’s a double edged sword. And when preschool calls and says “where are you at today, Mr Dibble?” I know that it’s going to be a “daddy — daughter day” with my 3 year old. So I picked her up around 10:30 and we came home and had an early lunch, like around 11:15, and then it was time for me to hunker down and get some work done.

Nope. Do you know how tough it is to get work done with a sick 3 year old in the house? It’s pretty tough. Do you also know that pink eye doesn’t affect a child’s mood? Do you know how hard it is to get work done with a basically healthy 3 year old in the house? Fucking impossible.

So around 1 oclock, I pretty much gave up. We snuggled up under a blanket, ate Cheez-Its and watched Wreck it Ralph.

Yep, small business ownership has its advantages.