I don’t usually get too excited about the political race, instead I often times find myself pretty jaded by the whole thing, choosing to vote third party as some sort of anti establishment practice. It makes me feel punk.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the drama. Oh man… the caucuses last night were crazy. There was “too close to call,” coin flips, revotes, voter fraud… and Hillary won by a margin while Trump was trumped (rim shot). But the whole thing is essentially a marketing campaign and whomever tells the best story wins.

All 4 of Cruz, Trump, Bernie, and Hillary are simply characters in a story that is being played out on the largest stage. They each have their own narrative and every story that comes out is a reflection of that narrative. It’s literally the best drama money can buy.

I am completely disenfranchised by politics but I can’t get enough of a great drama like this.