Make it up. Make it real. Make it recur.

9 words. That’s how you build a company.

And although Final5 has been in existence for almost 9 years now, we’ve never really done that. We’ve always moved from project to project, trying to sign bigger and bigger deals every time.

Jen and I had a talk this morning. And like she always does when I’m stumped on something, she put into context what’s in my brain.

The question this morning was, “what is it we’re trying to do here?”

This is such an important question for us right now, and for so many businesses, because we found ourselves traveling down this road of running making something recur that we hadn’t even planned on doing in the first place. It sort of fell into our laps.

See we set out to tell stories, and early on, I wasn’t even sure what that meant. We took on all sorts of projects, we created a culture book, we made videos, we ran workshops, and many other things.

And then the Live 6 project came along.

Live 6 wanted us to help them tell the story of their work in the community, through the eyes of the community members. So we began finding and sharing stories in their community in a way that mattered, and then we shared them on social media. And the stories we were creating were a perfect fit for this world.

And it blew up.

People loved it, and the growth numbers for their social media channels was just off the charts. So we started talking to another company about how we can do that for them. And then another. And then another.

And before we knew it, we have become a company to call if you want to really kick your social media efforts into overdrive.

We find and create the types of stories that attract the audience you’re after.

And so we took a second this morning and asked the question, is this what we want? Is this the direction we want the company to travel?

Well, the short answer is “yes.”

The longer answer is that in order to do any kind of serious work in an industry, you must first create a company. That sounds silly, but creating a company is the difficult task (as we’re finding out) of making something up, making it real, and making it recur.

Our making it up was that we are helping organizations blow up their social media channels with the community they’re looking for by sharing powerful stories. And then once that’s recurring, we can begin to really stretch our wings and enter other forms of storytelling. Maybe that’s the point at which we want to write a best selling book, or enter the Tribeca Film Fest. All of those things are awesome.

But first we’ve got to truly build a company.