My teammate Jen can't with that title. What do you think? Too much?

First, thanks for reading our stuff. Instead of focusing on gratitude, I often choose to focus on the opposite, crippling fear and anxiety that everything around me is crumbling to the ground. So, for today... thank you.

What I'm Listening To (or is it "that to which I am listening?):
One Billion The Podcast. Our friends at Civilla are applying for the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change grant and they're documenting the journey, Startup style. I can't get enough of the banter between Lena and Mike. Fun fact: Civilla cofounder Adam writes and performs the soundtrack. Funner fact (yes, funner): Adam was in a band called Adam and The Couch Potatoes. Funnest fact: My kids love Adam and The Couch Potatoes.

What I'm Watching:
World of Tomorrow. In this animated short, a little girl answers a video phone call from her clone 227 years in the future. That version of herself proceeds to take her on a guided journey into a fascinating future driven by technology and the human need for meaning and everlasting life. Each time she reaches a certain age, her clone gives birth to another version of herself, a version which loses a bit of humanity (and brain cells) each time she is re-birthed. Yeah. Weird.

What I'm Contemplating:
Srinivas Rao's commitment. His 1000 words per day work ethic is such an impressive commitment to his craft and to getting better every day. If you consider yourself a content creator and you don't know Srinivas, now's the time. Here's a great piece on why you should always carry a journal. In the words of Allen Ginsberg, “if the muse comes to your bedside don’t tell her you’ll fuck her later.”

What I wrote: 
As a leader, the single most important thing you can do is to help us understand how we should talk about your work.

What I love:
You, you sexy bitch.

Thanks so much for reading!