I stopped caring about how you think of me.

And it’s been a long journey to get here.

I’m a people pleaser. For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived my life trying to please everyone around me, and even some who weren’t. I’d worry for days about something I said or how I acted, wondering if I offended anyone or whether or not you like me. That’s a hard way to live.

But something has changed inside of me over the last six months, I stopped caring about your opinion of me.

I’m not 100% certain when this switch inside of me flipped, but I know for certain why it has happened. I’ve gone from caring to not because I’ve consistently and authentically put myself into more situations where you can see the real me. I’ve been writing, creating videos, and just opening up about my weird, quirky life. And this opening up has fed upon itself.

Force yourself into the game and you quickly become comfortable with the rules.

It’s a scary thought, believe me that I know.

To most of you reading this, I love you and you will support me no matter what. You’re a great person and you’re important to me. Whether you’re a family member, good friend, or someone who occasionally checks out my internet activity. I love you.

If you’re in that camp, hopefully you’re appreciative of what I’m trying to accomplish. You understand that up front, it’s going to be a bit messy and I’m going to look like a fool/asshole/narcissist at times. But you’re in it.

If you’re not in that camp and you haven’t already hidden me (unlikely), you might be turned off by it. You get tired of seeing my ugly mug pop up in your feed. Or you watch one of my videos and think to yourself “what an idiot, that’s a horrible strategy/idea/approach.” Hopefully you’ve hidden me by now, for your sake. But if you’re reading this because you enjoy “hate watching” my activity, that’s not healthy. For your mental health, don’t do that.

I’m on the journey I want to be on. Hopefully that’s attracting the type of people who see the world in a similar way. That doesn’t include you, and that’s ok. Because you’re doing what you want and you’re on your own journey. So I’m not paying attention to what you’re doing either. Let’s take the stress out of it and just agree that we see the world differently and that’s ok.

The question for the rest of you is, can you remove the mask and share openly without concern for what others think? Can you close this page and ACT! Go write something or share a picture or make a video… not giving a fuck about others. Give it a shot.

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