Consider this my letter of resignation.

It may seem small to you, and in the grand scheme of the world and the problems within it, I agree it is petty. But I HATE coming up with email subjects. I honestly feel stress when I have to come up with the right email subject for the occasion. If only I had an email subject guy like Obama has a clothing guy, I'd let someone else do my dirty work. But I don't.

Back in the day the email subject served a purpose. When it was our only form of communication, we knew the importance of letting people know why we’re filling up their inbox and the importance of our communique. Many times the email was something received only a few times per day, when a subject line was important to let the receiver know “hey bitch! This email’s important!”

I received my first email address in 1992, when I signed up for aol. But you and I both know I was only on AOL so I could bang dem message boards. The first email I gave serious attention to was the one I was given at MSU my freshman year ( I remember sitting in class and watching a professor bumble his way through setting up an email, as a tutoring of sorts. Back then, jokes and early forms of internet humor were sent via email (I sound like a fucking dinosaur here). Seriously, there was some weird shit out there. But some funny stuff too. There was always that dude on your floor who sent the dirty email stories to everyone. Those were weird days. 

Up until 10 or even 5 years ago, it was important to know that the creepy guy down the hall who is getting his degree in massage therapy, isn’t sending you some strange fetish email story.

But that’s so old school now! And yet we still continue, “Regarding Friday’s Meeting”ing our email like a bunch of suckers. We live in an information on demand world. Twitter, Texting, Snapchat, Slack, these things have proven to the world that as long as it’s coming from a trusted source, there’s no need to be warning or giving anyone a heads up on exactly what the email that they’ll be reading in less than 5 seconds is about.

So, I’m quitting the email subject game. If you’re with me, share this with someone and let’s right this ship. I love emails, I like getting them, I like sending them. It’s a form of communication that doesn’t make me feel like I have to get it all out in 20 words. But it needs to catch up a bit if it’s going to stick around.