You know it. If I haven’t grabbed you by the hand walking down the street to yell it in your face, then it’s probably only because I haven’t seen you in awhile, or I don’t know you. And if that’s the case then, then surely you’ve read it on this blog postOr this one. If somehow you still don’t know it, I’m not going to fucking repeat it again.

I actually need to stop repeating it. Because today I realized that all that internal (and even more external) chatter is creating a block for me.

Even worse than that, it's letting me off the hook for the work that we're doing. Blocks happen because we get into comfortable places with the way we feel about ourselves and the way we talk about our stupid stuff in life. Ya know… all our stupid stuff.

You’ve got blocks too, lady. Don’t try to deny it. There’s something rolling around in that little noggin of yours right now trying to figure out why you can’t get past that thing in your life. There’s a block somewhere.

My block was that I realized that I’ve been focusing too much on the shift and not enough on simply being the new thing. I mean, I’ve been working my ass off on the new thing, but the block has been focusing on the shift.

I now know I’m doing this is because I have a fear of actually putting this damn thing out into the world and saying

here it is. We made it, and we think it’s pretty fucking cool. It’s not perfect, it probably never will be, but it’s getting better every day and we can see it helping you.” I’ve been in this mode of “a humina humina humina… we just started it.

But we didn’t… we’ve been working on it for like 2 years. Get over yourself, Dibble. Shit’s launched and it’s imperfect. Deal.