In the world of story, THESE are the words we live by


Presence > Performance

Hat tip to an amazing storyteller and a mentor of our founder's, Michael Margolis of Get Storied. Great stories come from the heart - they can't be manufactured. The more open you are about your experiences, the more people will connect with your stories. Be you and the stories will resonate.


Give them too much of something and they'll never remember anything. Alex Blumberg, from This American Life and the mega hit Start Up, says to "figure out what you want them to know, and then spend 80% of your resources getting that across." Which leads us to our next point...


Today's audience is more tapped into a story teller's intention than ever before. It often comes from a place that they don't even recognize, but way down inside their belly something tells them when a story "just feels right." Likewise, they're quick to understand when they get an "icky" feeling from it. The single largest factor in getting something to feel right is to do it from a place of vulnerability. 


Michael Jordan being cut from his high school basketball team, JK Rowling so poor she was living out of her car, Steve Jobs being fired from the company he created - what is a good story without challenge? Similar to your work, there is no way of knowing and communicating success if we can't know and honor the challenging parts of our stories.

Don't go it alone.

Author of Creativity Inc. and founder of Pixar, Ed Catmull says that all stories suck at the beginning. The trick is having someone or someones who can help you work through the kinks to find the best way to share yours. Someone to listen and provide feedback, and even better, someone who can help you craft your stories is essential to this journey. It's a lonely one if you don't have someone.