What we do


We start a story with a universal truth. Something that our character wants, the very same thing that your audience wants. Your audience knows that want, they feel that want. But there’s a reason they can’t get what they want. A challenge. Sometimes a simple ‘but.’ Whatever the challenge is, it must exist. It’s not a story if you don’t feel conflict. This is where you, the company, enters the story. You help the character get what they want. You don’t climb the mountain and slay the dragon, your character does. Your audience does. But you give them the road map to get there. Do this right and your audience will WANT to be in communication with you. This is how good stories are told.


Our Work


We came together with our friends at Detroit Lives to produce this piece about the amazing work the United Way and CEO Mike Brennan did with the Detroit schools of Cody and Osborne. Creating 4 smaller schools from 1 large school, they were able to alter thousands of lives in the Detroit Public School system.

Such as the lives of our stars, Kymoni and Stefa’n.

Much Love has been viewed all over the world and "forever altered the trajectory of the United Way organization," according to Mike.


They come in, put a camera in your face, ask you questions, and prompt you to come up with canned responses. All while your coworkers are standing around listening to your every word. Don't forget that your manager will see this video as well - better not say anything that will get him in trouble. Determined to get beneath the surface, we approach it differently - spending time with the employees we interview and building a relationship with them. At the end of the project, we often hear how much we're liked and how different we are. "You guys listen and let us actually share our stories."